How to delete and set number or picture for mini drone in iOS app?


I’m developing an iOS app with Mambo drone. It will take off, take picture, then land.
Related to taking picture, there’re 3 functions needed:

  • take picture
  • delete picture
  • set number of picture to n

I can make the “take picture” function following the SDK guide, but don’t know how to write the last 2 functions.
Please help to write the sample code.
Thank you!



We provide a Sample to do the first point and to download picture. If you want to delete the file on the drone, you’ll have to use the ARDATATRANSFER_MediasDownloader_DeleteMedia function.

For you third point, I don’t get what you want to achieve. Could you explain it?


Hi @Djavan,
Yes, I can use deleting function now.
For the third point, we changed our spec and don’t need it anymore, don’t have to implement it.
Thank you for your support.