How to establish a bluetooth connection with Parrot Minidrone? [Matlab]


Product: Rolling Spider


I know that Matlab does not lay within the main subject of the forum, but I need some help, and don’t know where to find it.

Recently I bought a Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone, and I’m struggling with establishing a bluetooth connection. I’ve tried to connect by internal bluetooth device in my laptop and the external bluetooth dongle, both compatible with Bluetooth 4.0. I’ve tried to connect with two OS, i.e., Ubuntu 16.04, and Windows 10, and in both cases the Parrot Minidrone is visible by the system under two MAC addresses. I’m using Matlab 2017b software.

  1. Ubuntu 16.04 approach:

I have run the hardware setup with the Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones, and followed the steps until the one, where the bluetooth connection ought to be established. I’ve used bluez 5.48 version of bluetooth driver.

a) When I’ve clicked “Next”, I’ve obtained the message “Hardware setup error - Unable to create a Bluetooth network interface. Ensure that relevant drivers are installed for the Bluetooth adapter and click next to proceed.”

b) I’ve tried to connect using terminal command

sudo hcitool cc [MAC Address]

the connection with the device lasts for aprrox 1s, and then disconnects.

c) I’ve installed blueman, opened Bluetooth Manager, then I’ve successfully paired the device, and tried to connect as a group network. In this state, the bluetooth network configuration using Simulink Support Package proceeds well, and I can ping the parrot minidrone, so the connection seem to work well. Unfortunately after approximately 30s, the bluetooth manager returns the message “Connection Failed: Network Manager failed to activate connection”, and the connection breaks.

  1. Windows 10 approach:

I have installed the drivers that were mentioned on the Support Package website, and then followed the hardware setup steps. After pairing the device, in the “Devices and printers” tab, I can choose from “Connect using -> access point” or “Connect using -> direct connection”, and neither allow me to establish the bluetooth connection with the hardware setup wizard.

Also I’m wondering whether the device should connect to the FreeFlight Mini application after the firmware upload? In my case, after the firmware upload, Parrot Minidrone connects to the application, and shows the software version 0.0.0.

I will be very grateful for any help!


I had a similar issue with connecting Bluetooth on a Windows 10 machine. My issue was that although my Bluetooth dongle was 4.0 compatible, it did not operate on the CSR Bluetooth stack. Replacing the dongle with one using CSR allowed me to connect to the PAN. I did not run into this issue on Ubuntu 14.05 even with the non-CSR Bluetooth adapter.