How to get video stream in nodejs?

Hello everybody,
I am using this library - to control the jumping sudo.
I can control in the main functions but I can’t get any frame from the camera.
I used this example code:

var sumo = require(’…/.’);

var drone = sumo.createClient();
var video = drone.getVideoStream();
var buf = null;

drone.connect(function() {

drone.on(“battery”, function(battery) {
console.log("battery: " + battery);

video.on(“data”, function(data) {“data event called”);
buf = data;

But the “data” event never occur.

Can someone help me please.


Having the same problem. Anyone did this successfully?


Make sure you have ffmpeg installed and is on your $PATH. If not you can install it from here

Naman Aggarwal

Hi! I had the same problem. It occurred by node-sumo error.
I fixed it.
Please see and try this.
If you get errors, please inform me.
I hope to help you.


Hi, still not working … what have you fixed ?