How to get videos from Parrot Mambo



I’m working on a final project of my universe. I need to object tracking with parrot mambo and perform obstacle avoidance with using optical flow algorithm.

I need to get camera frames from the top camera of parrot mambo. I get confused about how to get those frames as fast as possible.

I’m using python for my purpose. I’m using library to control parrot.

I’m using cv2.VideoCapture("rtsp://") however it has around 2-3 second latency which makes my algorithm impossible. Can you give me a proper way of getting frames?


I am the author of that library. You can get the delay down to < .5s if you use the ffmpeg version and are on a decent machine. My Mac Book Pro can get below 0.5 sec. Another person I know had a linux box and used the VLC interface and got it down to 0.25 sec delay. That approach only works on linux as it is a parameter to VLC that only works on Linux.