How to tell JS to go by a specific distance

As you know the Freeflight Jumping App allows to say how far the JS should go. Is there formula with which includes speed and duration with which I can calculate the distance (I am not looking for something that is completely accurate)? The intent is that I can provide a highlevel command similar like the one that is found in the App.

Empirically I found out that

  • speed = 35 and duration = 4s results into 2 meters
  • speed = 35 and duration = 2s results into 1 meters
  • speed = 35 and duration = 1s results into 0.5 meters

Do those values sound like realistic numbers? Any good formular or better approach available?


i’ve implemented for ROS a node that calculate an odometry based on command sent to JS.
Is basically an integrator if you need i can share it

Sure, I would love to have a look at it.

Stefan (2.6 KB)

N.B. the vx_gain_fit is a fit function that depends on your sumo

Wow, this is sophisticated. How did you ever find out this? Seems to be a tough nut to crack. Let´s see if I can understand this (my C has become a bit rusty over the last decades…)