I have 2 question about Drone SDK Bebop and Sequoia


I just got a Parrot Bebop 2, I had FatShark goggles for others Quads and would like to use with the Bebop 2. Problem, FatSharks, are 5.8G and Bebop 2 uses Wifii to send to Smart Phones or Tablets. Is there an adapter module for FatSharks anyone knows of? is there a Wifi to 5.8G repeater ? I found that Lieberr makes one from 5.8 to Wifi, but not the other way around. Any Ideas?
My FatSharks will accept RF receiver modules, but I can’t seem to find an appropriate module, Tried Google, searched Hobby King and many others. My Parrot Skycontroller is the new 2 verison, which eliminated the HDMI, FatSharks, have HDMI input also.

and the second question

I tried asking this from Parrort support, but got directed here so I hope somone can answer a few (hopefully) basic questions. We are considering using Parrot Sequoia in combination with a LiDAR to generate a forest inventory and we have a few concerns related to this:

Does someone have experience identifyinf forest characteristics using the Sequoia? We are not sure if the captured bands are well suited for this.

The sensor apparently has it’s own GPS/IMU unit? Is it possible to feed the location information to the sensor from an external source? As we would use this data in combination with LiDAR information, it is important that both these are aligned. The same question basically applies to the time source of the sensor, as this can also be used to sync LiDAR information with the images.

The frame rate seems very low. Does anyone know if there are ways to capture more than 1 picture per second?


Sequoia band details are available online. You might wanna consult literature what bands you wanna look in for your required information.

And I am sorry I don’t have much information about other questions.