IfTTT & Flower Power

I’d like to explore this Flower Power + IfTTT connection that was mentioned in promotional literature, but i now that i have the FP sensor & app installed, i can find no hooks for IfTTT anywhere in FP interface, nor visa-versa (i.e. search on IfTTT site for terms “Flower Power” OR Parrot both return no results).

I’ve also explored both:

  • the FAQ doc in iPhone app for any mention of IfTTT (result: nothing); and
  • this forum for mention of IfTTT, and found only a few questions with no answers (some dating back quite some time, which might be interpreted as rather a bad sign! :frowning:

So: If anyone in this forum can shed any light down any possible avenue to getting my Flower Power app and my IfTTT account to talk to each other, i would sure appreciate it!

Hi, IFTTT is no longer supported with the Flower Power (they changed the way the connectors worked).

Am very sorry to hear this, Jerome, but thanks for the news flash.

Follow-up question: can you point me to any other way of getting data from these sensors out of the iPhone app in some form (ideally .csv files) in which i can run some analysis on the data?

I ask because i am at the point of deploying 300 of these sensors on the ground of my farm, in the context of a 3-year, European-scale longitudinal study, This is not about informing timely interventions on specific plants (for that the iPhone app works great) but rather running comparative studies of data from different sensors in different locations over an extended period of time.

So: i need an easy way to facilitate this data flow -ideally direct from my iPhone into a Google Sheet, the way that IfTTT connector did enable, but even if that is no longer possible in such easy fashion, i still to do this one way or another. Can you please advise?