Images without gps coordinates (parrot sequoia)

I am using the parrot sequoia camera in a precision agriculture project, but the images taken by this camera do not contain georeferencing, that is, there is no gps information in the metadata, how can I solve this problem?
Thanks you

Hi Camilo,

that sounds like a bad connection between the camera and the sunshine sensor.
The original cable is very bad - the cable is to stiff and the connectors are to wobbly.

Turn on the camera and move the cable while watching the LED on the sunshine sensor. The LED should shine no matter what. If not you got your answer.

You can try another cable. I use a USB-OTG-cable. Also fix the connector to the sensor and to the camera with hot glue.
You can try the hot glue as a workaround with the original cable also. Move the cable until the LED lights up, then fix that position with the hot glue.

And last but not least: Do not trigger the camera by time. Always set up triggering by distance. That way if you loose connection between the sunshine sensor and the camera you will have no pictures. That you can check while being in the field. Missing coordinates are only noticed when it is already too late.


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