Installing ROS Kinetic


Hello everybody! I am new to Ubuntu and ROS . I want to install ROS indigo but when i run
apt-get install ros-hydro-ardrone-autonomy command. it shows the following error.

Unable to lock administration directory. What does it mean. If somebody knows how to fix it. Please comment.


you forgot sudo before your apt-get command


bro thanks for your reply. now it says unable to locate the package so does it mean the package is not installed ? if yes how to install it ? plz reply me. thanks


I have these files in my BUILD folder. what to do next.


You need to update your apt cache and repository state before trying to install these packages.
Check to make sure you have an Internet connection on the system you are trying to install onto. You need to be able to contact the “outside world” from your drone before you’ll be able to install the packages.

Once you’ve determined that you have a connection, run this:
sudo apt-get update

apt should go off on a tear and you should see it checking and updating the repositories.
Once it’s finished, you can try to do the install again, because now the system should know where to get the packages from.
If apt stalls or returns error messages that it can’t contact the repo hosts, check your network connection again to be sure.

If you are new to ROS and getting it installed, have you looked at the install page for your system ?
The main ROS install page(s) are here:
Does Parrot support installing all of ROS on the ARDrone ?