Integration with flower power - Api issues

I am a software engineer at GreenIQ, and we have integrations from our cloud with your flower power sensors.
Since yesterday, our customers are complaining that their Hub doesn’t receive proper information from their flower power devices, and when I manually perform the HTTP request regarding my own sensor, I see that the request is done properly, but the “Samples” section of the JSON file is always empty, despite the fact that I ensure my own sensor has many samples from the last days.
Do you know what can be the cause for this issue? Please let me know if you need an additional information from me, such as our client credentials, or my own sensor’s details.


I have the same issue. On August 30 and 31, the Flower Power app was updated to 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 respectively. Since then the new app claims to upload data to the cloud & process it, but all new data is neither visible on or downloadable through the cloud API.
Only data uploaded through the previous app is downloadable through the cloud API (=visible in the JSON data structures).
I opened a case with Parrot support. On Sept. 9, they wrote "We have problems with our Server, we will resolve soon."
That’s it for now. :frowning:

Thank you, your answer is helpful for us :wink:

I’m still seeing this same issue.


Jérôme posted a message about this (copied below).
New app is actually using another server hosting the data. When you first connect with new app, all your former data is imported on the new server. Following uploads of samples are sent in the new server.

API doc has been updated :


Jérôme’s message:
Hello Everyone!

All new mobile application (since 4.x.x) are using a new server for upload & downloading data.
Imports were made from the former server to this new one.
This explains why you could not retrieve the new data with your old tools.

API have also slighlty changed and the doc has been updated on

You can now request access to new Parrot API Flower Power at


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Ok there is not a “slight” change in API but a lot, many routes are broken it’s not just the address of server and some few setting.
The node-flower-bridge is not able to connect anymore. Checking like this first the node-flower-api is wrong now using the old server, this has been updated in dev version but not the routes (auth for exemple, as now I’m failing on it)
Will have an update of the nodes ? Because the doc say for nodejs see the github repos …