Is it possible to replace the original battery with a higher capacity?

I have a Jumping Sumo.
Is it possible to replace the original battery with a higher capacity?
How to replace the original battery (3 wires) with a 2 wires battery?

Not really.
Even if you can hack the wires, you will need a battery with the same geometry / properties.
Otherwise the autopilot will not balance the wheels.

Try to stick a small wight to the top of the robot and watch how it moves.

Over the internet you can find marginally bigger battery with charging stations… buy 6 and replace them :slight_smile:

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Apart from the balance discussion, do you think the capacity of the battery is recorded in the firmware and Linux OS?
I used a lower capacity but the software (Android app) does not display the correct amount of capacity !

The balance was an issue for me when trying to stop… as it will roll forward , with a top heavy battery.

I don’t know how the battery capacity is read… this is something that I would like to do from outside the API :slight_smile:

I think that it only cares about voltage… so should not be a problem.

But why do you care? As long as there is power and the main app is not shut down, it should be ok

What I have done, is attached an external big and heavy battery (1500mAh) via the usb cable, by first killing the script which shuts down the main app when you plugin the power.

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Really thank you.
In the way you tested, Can the robot be turned on without a battery and directly through USB?

I have not tested that… will try next time I will have time to hack on it :slight_smile:

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I have tested… and it doesn’t work.

I am using a 2500 mAh powerbank with flashlight for more than 1 hour and the main battery was still at 100%… I did not had time to see how long it will work

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Thanks Adi,
Another question, Does the device heat up when the battery is connected?
My device gets very hot (main chip).

My sumo is always hot.
It was hot from the first day.
When I got it out of the box and used it for 20 minutes without any hack, it was hot.

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