Is the node-flower-bridge no more developed?

Hi all
It looks that no more node-flower-bridge is no more advanced, is it official ?
It was excellent to have these API but looks not well working in compagnie to the new app ;(
Thanks for your reply.

Same question here
7th september it starts to not feed anymore API seems
A question was raised here, it was answer issue with servers that’s why we dont see new values but since then nothing given by the node

I see that flower-power-api node has been updated for new url, but installing node-flower-bridge is no use, maybe the forced version in package.json

In fact I updated with the dev version and now all is running very fine!
The app is updated prefectly with all flowerpower.
Just waiting that they switch the with the new url /

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YOu manage to get node-flower-bridge to upload data to the new cloud ? on my side it’s still failing with the change for new addr of server because API has change too

yes i use it and it is always well synchronised :wink:
Have you well taken the V2 branch of the GitHub repo ? ( )
For me that was well working just added in the credentials.json:
“client_id”: "",
“client_secret”: “xxxx”,
“username”: "",
“password”: “zzzzz”,
“url”: “

Ok will try tomorrow with V2, but this is hard to understand how it can work has there is this :
// Garden
’getSyncGarden’: {method: ‘GET/json’, path: ‘/sensor_data/v4/garden_locations_status’, auth: true},
‘sendSamples’: {method: ‘PUT/json’, path: ‘/sensor_data/v5/sample’, auth: true},
‘getSyncData’: {method: ‘GET/json’, path: ‘/sensor_data/v3/sync’, auth: true},

and the first and second path are not working with the new server (

The v2 is older than master, it doesn’t call flower-power-api but cloud, how do you succeed to install this exactly ?

yes older but it works :wink:
I intall it as usual node-flower-bridge $ ./
and then I just start: sudo /home/pi/node-flower-bridge/bridge background 5
But yes I was speaking about the sync on the cloud.
However I recently tested the api on python that successfully get Data.

yes working, thanks, weird older works better than newer with the new server … but as long it works
hope that the Parrot team will update their github