Is there a 3D_sensor definition for SlamDUNK for the Turtlebot

Hi there,
I’ve recently acquired a SLAMdunk device. I’ve been able to get it displaying RGB and depth data in Rviz on my laptop without much trouble. I’d like to attach it to my Turtlebot2 and use it for SLAM and(later) object recognition.
Right now I’d settle for using it for mapping and driving the Turtlebot around.

Is there a XML description and/or .launch file for the SLAMdunk that I could add to the 3D Sensor include path as part of the turtlebot_bringup package ? Devices like the Realsense, Hokuyo, Xtion, etc. all have XML description files that live under:




I don’t think there is something like that existing… I’ve been looking for a while, without success.
The only thing I found is there

But I think it is only for visualization with rviz…

if you wind something I would be please to hear about it :slight_smile:


You can use the slamdunk.launch file corresponding to the slamdunk_node package. Unless you have rebuilt it yourself it’s in /opt/ros-slamdunk/share/slamdunk-node/launch .

It doesn’t offer any parameter since the node doesn’t either but it should do the job.

Hi Nico,
Yes, I’m also surprised that this doesn’t appear to be out there.
I may try my hand and creating my own, based on the structure of the XML for some of the other existing sensors for some of the other cameras out there. I’ll reply here with my results.

Cool. I’ll take a look at that as well.