JS speed question


We use setPilotingPCMDSpeed() API to set the JS speed for forward movement. It is found that different JS may respond with different speed even they are set with same speed by setPilotingPCMDSpeed().

For example, if we calls the API in following sequence

  1. setPilotingPCMDSpeed() with speed =100
  2. setPilotingPCMDFlag() with flag = 1
  3. wait 1 sec
  4. setPilotingPCMDSpeed() is set with speed=100

One JS may move 30cm ~ 40cm farther than another one even they belong to same series.

Is it any method or API to control all JS with same REAL speed settings?


Platform: iOS
SDK version: 3.13.0
Hardware: Jumping Sumo 1st version
JS Firmware version : 1.99.0
JS HW version: HW_07

My guess is their actual speed is relatively the same however the timing of activating movement may be slightly off due to 1.) Set commands are buffered and sent in a timed control loop and 2.) Bluetooth has its own problems latency wise.