Jumping racer telnet connection

Got the telnet connection going.
Now, what I want to do it this:

From my Linux computer (or later, my Paspberry PI) I want to control the Max Racer with commands like

forward 2, angle -12
video on
forward 100
back 12, angle 45

On the Max, I’d simply read the commands from stdin.

But … what will the I interface with on the Max?
Can I use ARCONTROLLER_Device_t?
In that case, what library will I use?

Have you found the answer? :slight_smile:
I got some GPIO info by the names from /sys/devices/platform/user_gpio … but that is not much :frowning:

  • gpio11 WIFI_RST
  • gpio12 JMP_SWITCH
  • gpio2 MCU_RST
  • gpio38 JUMP_CTRL_1
  • gpio39 JUMP_CTRL_2
  • gpio40 NRST_CAM
  • gpio41 RED_LED_RIGHT
  • gpio42 PWMGEN_nOE
  • gpio43 RED_LED_LEFT
  • gpio44 MUX_WHEELS
  • gpio45 nAMP_PWDN
  • gpio48 POWER_ON_OFF
  • gpio49 MUX_VBAT_JUMP
  • gpio50 BUTTON
  • gpio51 VBUS_DETECT
  • gpio52 GREEN_LED_RIGHT
  • gpio53 GREEN_LED_LEFT
  • gpio55 nSLEEP_WHEEL
  • gpio56 nFAULT_WHEEL
  • gpio58 USB_MUX_CMD

The leads are simple to write, but I don’t know how to control each motor