Jumping sumo as telepresence robot


I am trying to implement a jumping sumo as telepresence robot. Right now I am receiving streaming video through the SDK. First that streaming video has to go through the internet, but I can manage to do it.

What I want to implement is a Raspberry Pi to receive that streaming of the other side of the telepresence robot, and display the video in a portable 5 inch display. That will complete the telepresence robot functionality.

Right now I can control the Sumo though the SDK and see video, and the webcam and GUI is done with QtCamera and QT respectively.

Do you think that this will work? Do you find it interesting?



Of course we find it interesting. We’re always exited to see what you can build with the SDK. :grinning: :tada:

Just a question about your project: how do you intend to manage the battery of the JumpingSumo?

Keep us updated about your project status.
Best regards,

I will put an aditional lipo battery to extend battery life