Jumping Sumo Evo and Freeflight Pro / SDK questions

Product: [Jumping Sumo Evo]
SDK platform: [Android and Linux - not yet installed.]

I recently picked up a Jumping Sumo Evo drone (used). However, I can find very little information at all for it (just a user’s manual and quick start guide - no real info in those). I did download and install the software for controlling it.

However, while the drone WiFi puts out a strong signal and I can connect to it, the operation software will not communicate with the drone. It seems that someone changed the name (from JumpingSumoxxx to MAX_080552) and that might be the reason it doesn’t communicate.

Is there some way to change the software (Freeflight Pro v 5.3.7) so it would recognize the drone?

What about resetting the drone? I’ve tried what I read in the quickstart guide, but the reset didn’t seem to change anything. When I tried starting it and then (quickly) pushing and holding the start button (for over 12 seconds), the front lights would start flashing and flashed for maybe 15 seconds - then went out. The device name didn’t change - it’s still MAX_080552. I cannot synchronize Freeflight Pro with the JumpingSumo. (no error code given).

This drone is perfect for some projects I have where I need something to go in to an area too small for us to get into (under our home for instance) with a camera for checking for problems. I have some knowledge of C (I went through a beginning C book a few years ago and have used what I learned to modify software to where it would do what I want) and I think I downloaded the right SDK for my system (Linux Ubuntu 20.04 - but will be changing over to OpenSUSE) and do plan on writing my own software for the drone - just not right now (too many pans in the fire so to speak).

(1) Is there more information available for this drone (JumpingSumo Evo - Y_2200A), like what capabilities it has? Maybe a more detailed guide or manual? I do know it somehow senses when my hand gets close - it makes a sound and reacts. What all it has in it (sensors, etc.) just doesn’t seem to be available.

(2) Is there any way to get Freeflight Pro to synchronize with the drone - either change what the name is in the software setup, or somehow resetting the ID to something to what Freeflight will recognize?

(3) is there specific instructions for installing the SDK on (Ubuntu-related) Linux computers?



The app for Jumping Sumo is “FreeFlight Jumpin‪g” and not “FreeFlight Pro”

The SDK is documented here :

Enjoy :slight_smile: