Jumping Sumo Internal Speakers iOS


Product: Jumping Sumo
SDK version: 3.9.1
Use of libARController: YES
SDK platform: iOS

Is it possible to access the Jumping Sumo’s internal speakers? I was interested in having the JS play audio files but I’ve only been able to find the audio theme feature. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.



There is no API to play an audio file on the JS.
However, on the JS evos, there are commands to send audio stream to the drone or receive from it. These are the commands ControllerReadyForStreaming. Unfortunately, the audio stream is not implemented for the moment in the libARController. This is one of our next goal so it will come in the next months in the public SDK.

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Thanks appreciate the response.


Linked question: I remember that in previous versions of the SDK, there was a “debug” function that allowed the playback of a sound, called “sendAudioPlaySoundWithName()”. It disappeared in the latest versions.
Why is that? playback of custom audio files would allow cool applications.


Djavan, can you hint to the commands of the network protocol on how to send the Audio the Race drone?

and speaking of sound: is there a way to trigger any of the built-in sounds of the jumping sumo?




The audio mode on the JS evos is handled with this command. Documentation is here.

Then you’ll need to send audio packets. You can see in the Samples and in the libARController how it is done.

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Thanks Djavan

I will try that out for the Evos…

is there a way to trigger any of the built-in sounds of the normal jumping sumos as I have only one Evo but lots normal ones for the kids?



No, there is nothing in the API to do that, I’m sorry.



That’s a pity. Would have been fun for the kids. Thanks for reverting anyway…



hi djavan: when you say: “there’s nothing in the api” to do it, does that mean that there is no packet commands or sequence that can be sent to do it - so therefore its not possible, or is it just that there’s nothing in the libARController (api) that would allow you to do it ?


There is no message to tell the Jumping to play a sound.


well, stefan, there is the tap feature and I have often thought that it would be interesting to use the tap feature to teach the kids morse code …