Jumping sumo move while charging


Product: [Jumping Night Sumo]
Software version 2.1.77
Hw version HW_02

Hello there,
I am new to this forum and also to drone development. I am developing a solution for home surveillance prototype with jumping sumo drone using nodejs to control the drone. Everything is working like a harm (thx to https://github.com/eschnou/ardrone-webflight and https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-sumo-client). The only and big problem i have is battery :slight_smile:
I have found a solution of wireless charging via usb BUT the problem is the drone while charging closes wifi (logical and absolutely right) and as result i can not control it (move, video stream etc) with usb wireless charger is connected. Is there anyway (with my own risk) to bypass it? (somewhere in busybox?)

I appreciate a lot any help.


Any reply???
I will appreciate a lot .



The only official answer I can get you is “No, you can’t use the Jumping Sumo while charging”. We won’t provide any support for any firmware modification.



I thought that this was a developer forum. Right? Any modifications in order to success goals means developing with own risk.
As the company has the source code in the drone accessible for anyone, should provide some information (with own risk) if asked.
In any case thx a lot for the reply.


Just a wild though.

I guess that you can try to hack the battery connector and have a power-supply with the same output tas the battery and connected directly to the battery pins.

For the battery charger maybe is enough to just have a capacitor and a voltage regulator to do the job.

PS: the answer from Nicolas is lame :slight_smile:


I am waiting to source the parts for this hack https://learn.adafruit.com/usb-dc-and-solar-lipoly-charger

so I can use it for an outdoor project.

The idea is that you can power the drone via the “LOAD” port with an extra 3.7V 500mAh regulator.

For indoor use, instead of the solar panel you can hack a dock similar to the one used by vacuum cleaners and have the robot returned to based and recharge.


I found simple way to keep the main app running while usb is powered, by stopping the VBUS detection script.

Note, that this will only keep the main app… the charging is not yet enabled… I need to work more.

To do that, connect to telnet over wiki and kill the main VBUS detection script and then its child which waits for vbus events

  531 root      3420 S    {monitor_vbus_sc} /bin/sh /bin/monitor_vbus_script.sh


poll_file -w /sys/devices/platform/user_gpio/VBUS_DETECT/value

Now you can connect the power and it will not shut down the system :slight_smile:

I am still looking to see how to enable the charging or get battery status from the command line

There is /bin/qualcomm_charger_algo_input_current.sh for setting the state for charging… but I don’t know how to get the level yet, to see if it is charging or not :slight_smile:


Hello there. I do not want to baypass hardware. I have found( by the hard way ) that when connect usb does not stop os but stops DHCP. The only think that I wanted was same help ( with own risk) how to baypass it. I have stop looking for that. I found the scripts that open and close DHCP ( I have to search it again because this was a year plus before) but I as a solution I Believe that is to stop DHCP and connect to local wifi as a client. There is an article on how to do it for are drone (which I think will work also to jumping sumo). By that way you also gain security by wifi password. If you need more info let me to know to search my bookmarks and send the links.
Unfortunately Parrot won’t assist in that…
One more think that I discovered by the hard way, do not copy sh files via ftp. Go with usb because ftp adds some extra characters that blow the script…
Cheers and good luck with your project


Thanks… the /bin/monitor_vbus_script.sh contains all the details about what it does when you connect a powered USB cable.

For now, I got all I need. Thanks for the followup :slight_smile:

Well, I guess that Parrot don’t want to spend to much money on hacks and just let the “community” do the work.

The fact that they give you free access is already a great start… I have seen much worse :slight_smile:

So, thanks Parrot team for convincing the management to release such an open product :slight_smile:

The guys from Parrot can’t suggest you anything, as otherwise I guess that might be stupid people who will break the toy and then try to sue the company for ill advice… so as a company, why bother ?

I made some progress on this, as I am looking at a “docking station” for sumo… but as soon as I attach anything significant to the drone, the whole geometry is changed and the autopilot goes crazy :slight_smile:

The OS only shuts down when you unplug the battery… I find it the hard way as I have charged it and then wanted to take it outside …but I took me 30 minutes to reach the testing field and by that time the battery was empty :slight_smile:


kindly help us to know which to edit at /bin/monitor_vbus_script.sh to enable wifi and move normally with USB plugged in ?


I will appreciate a lottttt :smiley: :heart_eyes:

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@adiroiban kinda point to us what to edit, we really need to enable usb charged and keep able to connect wireless and moving around to test


hello, I am new to here, could you please provide the link of the article you mentioned? Tks


@asteriskgr appreciate