Kernel support for ethernet adapter


Does the your linux kernel version that used in the Bebop support Ethernet adapter to USB, however even with using modprobe, i cant found the module, and normally it is defaults in 3.4 .



The kernel configuration used for the Bebop is completely custom: we removed a lot of built-in and modules to reduce the kernel size, so all the things you have on a desktop 3.4 kernel are likely to be different than the one you have on our embedded kernel.
The same apply to the kernel of all products (Rolling Spider, Jumping Sumo, Bebop 2 …).

So if your USB-Ethernet module is not recognized, and if no suitable kernel object is available, then it’s probably because it depends on some driver that we have disabled in our configuration.



Thanks for your replay, But if I want to add another module, how can I do it, I don’t have the Kernel source so I cant cross-compile the kernel.
However I’m using Asix ax8817x chipset, it is well know chipset as an Ethernet-USB adapter, the BusyBox form inside seems to support Ethernet through micro usb, so it would be easier if you know a supported module in you source tree.