Looking for any Mavlink use sample


Good morning everyone,

First of all, if any of you could be so kind to help me out with my unfinished, dreading and eternal quest of running the samples, I’d really appreciate it.

Apart from that, I’ve been studying the classes needed to implement autonomous flight through Mavlink protocol. However, as you may have noticed if you had the chance to read my previous posts, I’m completely dull both at programming and understanding the SDK. This is why I’m looking for any sample such as ‘BebopDroneDecodeStream’ or ‘BebopDroneReceiveStream’ (I’m using a Unix system) of autonomous flight to understand it and being able to kick off (if I ever succeed at running the samples!)

Best regards, and thank you very, very much for your support.



This conversation might help you: Bebop Mavlink file format description?



As always, thank you for your guidance @Djavan.

I already check that thread and it was actually really useful for my understanding. If there is not any sample available, I will give it a second lecture to see if I am able to reproduce my own program.

By the way, do you already know by chance how to solve my other issue?

Thanks a lot,


… And throughout my second inspection I came up with a question:

I’ve seen that LibARDataTransfer library provides an uploader file to perform the FTP transfer to port 61.

Inside that file, I found ARDATATRANSFER_Uploader_New method, which I suppose it is paramount to create the uploader and start the transfer.

But I don’t actually know what comes afterwards… can you -or anybody- give me a hand?

I’m writing my program from scratch but my code is based on pure speculation, since I still cannot run the samples :’(