Make drone turn to certain direction


Hi everybody,

I’m having problems using the “pilotingstate_attitudechanged_yaw” from ARCONTROLLER_DICTIONARY_KEY_ARDRONE3_PILOTINGSTATE_ATTITUDECHANGED to figure out where my drone is heading. When I check the values while turning the drone on a table it doesn’t seem to show 0° when its heading north. The value is also changing a lot after turnig the drone and leaving it. After stoping to turn it its still changing for 10-20° during the next 5 seconds. The roll and pitch values seem to act normal and accurate.

Does someone have an idea why the yaw value acts like that? I want to be able to turn my drone north but for that I need updated reliable data about where it is heading.

BTW: I am programming on Android.


I have this same exact problem. Just saw you other post.
Didn’t try yet with latest firmware, though.
I said I would do it a few weeks ago, now I really will!


I found the other topic only a few minutes later.
Maybe will find a solution there…