Make the drone fly to the assigned place precisely


I am now working on a real ardrone and I want to make it follow certain trajectory. But now I find that I cannot make the drone fly to the assigned point precisely, by which I mean, the drone will drift around the point with an error about 0.5 meters. I have tried PID controller but results are not satisfying. Does anyone have similar experience or know some better control method?

Thanks in advance


How does the drone know which point it is assigned to?

We had a similar challenge, where we had an external sensor which measured the drones position very precisely, and a given point with respect to that sensor. To move our drone to the point, we used moveBy over and over until we was close enough. Then the next moveBy would correct for the drift in the previous one, and drift less since it moved a shorter distance. We did this on a Parrot Anafi, which has very low drift on its own.


I also use a precise external sensor and I have tried your method before but the drift is really annoying. Maybe Anafi is superior to ardrone. HAHA :joy:

Thanks a lot


Might be. The Anafi drone have a downwards pointing camera that it uses to prevent drift.