Mambo accelerometer

Product: Mambo
Is there a way to harness accelerometer information for the mambo ?
I am facing a problem with an API developer on this :

Speed, Altitude, and quaternions are the only three navigation data being sent by the Mambo drone with Altitude being transmitted only when the FPV is connected.

With Mambo’s current firmware, there is no means of tapping the drone’s accel data

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And the data comes with 2Hz, that’s very slow for live sensor changes


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If you have MATLAB Simulink, you can download the toolbox that supports Mambo Fly. This will load a custom firmware onto the drone, which allows you to configure what data is sent. I managed to get accelerometer readings at about 90 Hz this way. However, the firmware is 3rd party and the flight is not very stable because of that.

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