Mambo FPV or Mission when my class wants to code with block-programming


Product: [Mambo/Swing/Rolling Spider/Airborne Cargo/Airborne Night/Hydrofoil]
Product version: [X.X.X]
SDK version: [X.X.X]
Use of libARController: [YES/NO] (Only for ARSDK)
SDK platform: [iOS/Android/Unix/Python…]
Reproductible with the official app: [YES/NO/Not tried]

I am a teacher in Norway, and we consider buying a few drones for both programming and some filming.
I have seen that the Parrot Mambo FPV is filming, but is it also possible to program with block-programming? Is it only Tynker-programmable?
And the grabber/canon equipment, is that available for FPV also, or is that only available for the mission-model?
I hoped that it was possible to buy the FPV-model, and have possibilties for all the equipment, both camera, video, canon, grabber AND be able to choose programming or flypad to control the drone.
What do you recommend for my use?


Kinda funny, I have the same question as hannetove above.

I was hoping to use OpenCV with the Mambo FPV but did not know if it was possible to interface with the camera the same way you can with the Bebop Drone.

If anyone knows for sure, I would truly appreciate clarification as well.


You can do opencv if you use my python package. As for the grabber, you can only use camera or grabber. One USB port.