Mambo FPV rtsp video capture - no grabbing event


I am trying to play rtsp stream using EMGUcv 3.3 but image_grabbed event is firing once after few seconds later that the VideoCapture is initiated.
The code is as follows

private void IPWiewer_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    string url  = @“rtsp://”;
    capture = new VideoCapture(url);
    capture.ImageGrabbed += Capture_ImageGrabbed; 

Capture_imageGrabbed event handler is like this

private void Capture_ImageGrabbed(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Mat image = new Mat();
    pictureBox1.Image = image.Bitmap;

It works fine with the camera built in computer or the normal mp4 files.

However, what i’ve got is the only one Capture_imageGrabbed event fired and image. After that, I have no more grab event firing.

The vlc player shows video delaying about 2 seconds.
Any body suggest me what am i doing wrong?


In my opinion, mambo rtsp is not using the standard form. It could be used short data length that result in the deadlock of the emgucv lib.
Any comments or suggestions?



I solved it by myself.
EmguCV3.0 works well eventhough 3.1+ has problem.