Mambo: land on red carpet


Hi there,

about 2-3 years ago we got a camera stream from the vertical camera of parrot ar.drone, version 1, to a wifi-connected pc running opencv. This enabled the drone to land on a red carpet.
The firmware of the drone didn’t have to be modified for this reason. We used python-ardrone hosted on github to control the drone, e.g. switch from front view of the camera to the vertical view and somehow got a stream from there.

I want to do the same with parrot mambo now. However, mambo is different:

  • you can connect to mambo only over Bluetooth LE

So I guess, I have to forget about opencv and do image processing directly on mambo using some c-coded filter.
Can someone point me in the right direction? Is the right way to go?

Which libraries should I use to control the mambo from a pc and send data to and from a pc (linux)?
There are a lot of well commented samples for iOS and Android, but seems to be not documented at all…