MiniDrone NavigationDataState



Is NavigationDataState (class 18) / DronePosition (command 0) supposed to be sent by the Mambo? It is the last class listed here

It is described as “Get the drone position from takeoff point”, but I never receive this from the drone.


Bringing this to the front. I also am looking for how to get this information. I am correctly receiving the battery and the flying state but I don’t see NavigationDataState ever being sent on a Mambo. Any ideas?



This event is not sent by the moment on the latest firmware version. It will probably be sent in a future version but I have no idea when.


Is there a way to ask for it via the drone? Can I send a specific command and ask for it? The only command I found to ask for state information was in common.xml and is “Common” “AllStates” but that seems to request everything. I just want the navigation information.


No you can’t.
In fact, the Mambo doesn’t compute this information for the moment, so even if you could ask for it, the Mambo could not answer.


Ok, so the only thing the mambo is going to send back is battery and flying state? That is all I’m receiving at the moment.


Is altitude being computed somewhere? It must be somehow for safe flying and flips! How could we get that back?


The altitude is not sent for the moment. I’ll try to see if we can add something to get it. If it is possible, this will be available in, at least, the next firmware release AND the next SDK release.


Thanks! I’m making really good progress on our python interface and we intend to use the mambo for K-12 competitions in autonomous drone programming. The altitude would be extremely helpful! I will release my code on GitHub when it is ready.


i’ve been using a similar wrapper to control multiple mambos.
I have the same problem: how can i get my drone’s orientation?
Is there a way that can be achieved currently for Minidrones?


I’ve got the mambo sending back all of the information it has (except for the photos, still working on that) and the orientation and other navigation data seem frustratingly locked inside the mambo. I’m really hoping they fix this for the next release as it makes it impossible to do complex tasks.