MiniDrones Mambo choreography


Hello, I’m Daniel Delgado, and this is my first post.

I’m writing from We are very interested in sync up several Mini Drones Mambo like your video at CES 2015. We don’t have the drones yet, we need to know this info first.

We need to know how many drones can we sync up with the same app in one iOS or Android device, to do something like this:

I need an answer as soon as possible you can, guys.

Thank you very much,

Daniel Delgado
Digital Dev Department.



The SDK itself won’t let you connect to multiple drones. However, I think Node RollingSpider has this feature. Please note that the language of this lib is in node-js.

Hope this helps,
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Thanks @Djavan for your soon answer.

This is bad news for us. :frowning: This library allow only 5 drones with Windows Linux 6 with Mac I need at least 10, or dreaming a lot 20. hehe.

Some idea of how to do something like the video?



Those demonstration uses custom firmwares, and all drones are completely autonomous during the demonstration.

Such firmwares uses components not available in the official firmware (such as 3d positionning using the square patterns on the ground and image processing from the bottom facing camera), so you won’t be able to do the same with the official firmware.



Thank you @Nicolas for your reply…

Well We are looking for another model or device that can do the trick.

Do you know some with SDK?

Thank you very much for your help, guys!


Hi genio043

I am searching to make fly in autonomy flying 2 drone in same time .
In your post you ask about the mambo choreography,
Did you got some answer to your question ?

With tynker I can order only one mambo drone , I will need to pilot 2 in same time :frowning:
Please help meee :v:t4:


My python code will let you control multiple mambos at the same time. I had 3 dancing tonight to verify that it works. The only difficulty is that you have to control each from a separate python file (due to a limitation inside bluepy).


Hello Captain Saavik
Thank you for your answer .
We will try tonight to make fly and dance choregraphy mambo drone with python .
hope it work , i will let you know :wink:
thank you for your help


Hello Captain,
i am interested in setting up an automated choreography of multiple drones.
You seems to have already worked on it. Is it possible to share the same for me to learn n build .


Just look at the pyparrot package. You will have to use the BLE connection if you want coordination on the same machine (I ran up to 7 at once and the comment about needing to run in separate code is no longer true). If you do wifi, you would need one controller per robot since each has its own wifi network.


Thank You Captain.
Will this work for parrot minis or only for mambo/bebops? I tried with minis and has the following issue. Any pointer helps

have a Rolling spider verion 1.99.2 / HW_05
Seriel number PIO40320AE 4K160544
It has BLE interface RS_B160544 BLE
The spider works well when i use the FreeFlight Mini App how ever if i
use the code pyparrot It does not work well.
It identify the followig BLE addresses seems it does not identify the
Rolling Spider BLE.Even if i use all of the BLE address the code does
not work,
See the bellow error. Any suggesion greatly appriciated.

pi@raspberrypi:~/drone/pyparrot $ sudo python3
Discovered device e0:14:bc:06:3d:51
Discovered device d0:4f:7e:26:bf:31
Discovered device 68:64:4b:08:36:d2

pi@raspberrypi:~/drone/pyparrot $ python3
trying to connect
trying to connect to the mambo at address f4:f5:d8:73:8e:9b
retrying connections
trying to connect to the mambo at address f4:f5:d8:73:8e:9b
retrying connections
connected: False


You wrote to me on GitHub too but I’ll answer here in case it helps for both. I didn’t have any spiders to test it on so the code is known to work on mambo & bebop but unknown on a spider (since I don’t have any).