NavData SDK 2.0

I need to control my ARDrone 2.0 GPS Edition over my PC with AT-Commands. I get general informations form my drone but not the general navdata. I program in C# (visual studio).
Can anybody of you help me to solve this problem?


I get general informations form my drone but not the general navdata

What’s the difference between general informations and general navdata?

Are you sending a trigger data packet to port 5554 and receiving NavData UDP packets? If so, then try sending the following:


This ensures a steady stream of general purpose nav data that is sufficient for most needs.

Thanks for the resoponse :smiley:

I mean with the general information the configuration and the version.
605 is the Seqeuncenumber?
For the “general:navdata_demo” i need a Hexadecimal number, is that right? Is it 0x55667788?

Yep, 605 would have been the sequence number.

0x55667788 is the first 4 bytes of the navigation data that’s returned via a UDP socket on port 5554. See chapter 7.1 Navigation Data of the AR Drone Developer Guide in in the SDK 2.0 for more details on how to decode nav data.

Note, for C# development, you may want to try the C# AR Drone SDK - it looks pretty complete.

@SlimerDude, Thanks a lot for helping me. :slight_smile:

Hi. I’m developing with c# too. the problem is that i’m getting some random characters as navdata. how to get the correct data? I’m not using any kind of SDK.