New Developer Website / Discount program


Hello everyone!
We are really proud to launch our new website with discount program for developers!

Come and join us on

Be sure to apply with the same email address you used for this forum





Hi there,

I signed up and submitted my form for the discount a week ago. How long does it take to hear back?
Looking at buying the bebop 2 for development.

Thank you.



I am sorry but I can not find your application.
Which email did you use to apply ?



Oh nooo. I used the same email address ad it was recommended.
I am submitting it now again.

Thank you



Alright, just submitted it again and got the same screen as before stating that it will be reviewed within a week.



Hi there, still havent heard anything. Is there any update on this?

Thank you



your code has been sent last week, check your spam folder :slight_smile:


My discount code doesn’t works for bebop 2 :disappointed:


I submitted mine a while back, still havnt received any code yet.



Hi, same for me - have applied, no response, would appreciate it if you could check for me. Under same email.

Many thanks.



People that get selected get the discount code in their email.
People that ask multiple times are automatically removed from the list.


@Jerome As someone who is working on a huge multi-pronged project, I appreciate that you have let me do some of the purchases under the educational discount. I didn’t hear back on the latest request (where I had a much larger purchase) but I will say that the Black Friday sale was very helpful :slight_smile:


Hello @Jerome,

I’ve applied to the discount code for developers but I didn’t get an answer.
I’ve registered to the forum after apply for the discount, should I apply again?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconveniences (i’m very impatient to start with it haha :stuck_out_tongue: )


Clicking on the ‘Discount Program’ link results in a log in page for TypeForm. It appears that the application page is private? Does it require an invite?


I have the same problem. I am working on a machine learning project and would like to apply for a developer discount for the Bebop 2, but the TypeForm is private. I attached an screenshot of this problem.