No GPS data or same coordinates for all the pictures

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to get some help about a GPS issue with Sequoia+ and Sunshine. Most of the time, there is no GPS data acquired by the sunshine. The DEL stays yellow… Some times the GPS works and I can see it in the status page of the html interface but after taking pictures, all the pictures have the same coordinates (coordinates of the first gps fix). I tried to reset the Sequoia and then update the firmware but the problem is still here, since the the first use of the camera.
Would you have any advice to solve this issue ?
Thank you very much for your help !

Note : I’m not a developper, just a GIS analyst…

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I has a similar problem with my sunshine sensor. I found that the error occurs when the sensor is exposed to direct sunlight. I covered the sides of the case with black tape, only the red part - the black cover seems to be dark enough. For me this totally solved the problem.


Hi, Hubertus,
Thank you very much for your suggestion, unfortunately, that doesn’t work for me… Still not GPS data…


what is the situation when you totally cover the sensor with something dark? And what does the status page in the web-interface show when there is no GPS-data? In my case the IMU (roll/pitch/yaw) of the sunshine sensor also freezes.


Hi Hubertus,
The sunshine’s IMU and incident light sensor work well, even when GPS is “frozen”.
I tried your suggestion and started the Sequoia with the sunshine fully covered with black tape and a miracle happened ! The GPS data were acquired and streamed correctly. Then I tried to restart normally the Sequoia without black cover on the sunshine and again, the GPS has worked normally. I can’t understand why, but it seems that a first GPS fix in the dark can debug the sunshine. I will do, next days, trials on the field to confirm that. But this is already a giant step that has been made thanks to you !
Thank you very much, Hubertus, you really help us !


Hi Damien,

I have the same problem and the sugestion that Hubertus said it didn´t work for me. How may times did you do with the sunshine sensor cover with black tape. Did you do anything else?


Hi Gonzalo,
Unfortunately, Hubertus’s suggestion doesn’t work fully, for me. If I cover the sunshine with a black cloth (like an eyeglass bag) before switching on the Sequoia, then the GPS fix is done correctly, and after removing the cloth, GPS data are streamed. But It worked only one time…
I will try other things (I suspect the usb plug of the sunshine to be too loose) and I’ll share the results with you.

Exactly ! This is the most common fault … Micro usb : not a good idea.

Thanks Damian for your question!
I have been using the Sequoia camera since it came out mounted on the Bluegrass drone, unfortunately it turned out to be a poor drone in its flight quality, being very unstable and even worse when landing - causing strong blows. However, even with this, I was able to obtain orthomaps to analyze it, but inexplicably the images taken lacked their geolocation most of the time. Based on this, I decided to extract the sequoia and mount it on a Phantom 3 Pro, more stable but without getting the GPS from the sunshine sensor yet. Any suggestion?

The question is why & how to correct it?!
Thanks a lot…!

I use the sequoia & sunshine with a Yuneec H520 drone. The sequoia is mounted on a 3d printed holder and that works fine, except the lack of GPS data stream.
I am stil trying to solve this issue. My next planned flight will be friday. I hope that I’ll be able to tell you how I solved the problem !


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I use Seqouia with a fixed wing or a copter, depending on the area to inspect. Both UAVs have an ardupilot flight controller which logs the flight data to a file. This data can be injected into the pictures exif header with programs like mission planner or exiftool. So perhaps the Yuneec also saves flight data that can be transformed into a standard GPX or CSV - file.


Hi Hubertus,
Thanks fot your suggestion and for the pictures (nice UAVs !). Indeed, I can retrieve flight logs from the Yuneec H250 but all the pictures from the Sequoia have the same time stamp (01/01/1970 00:09) ! So I can’t match them with position logged by the Yuneec GPS…
I tried to check the usb connector and mute the incident light sensor (with black tape) but the problem is still not fixed…
I only see two solutions : 1) like all my colleagues, jettison Parrot and buy an Airphen camera, a reliable device co-designed by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (my employer) but very expensive (about 10 K€). 2) buy for half the price the new DJI Phantom multispectral (but I really prefer the Yuneec H520 copter)…

Hello Damien,
it seems like the sequoia itself has no internal clock, so the gps-connection is necessary to write the right timestamp. The timestamp without gps-connection shows the time since the sensor is switched on. In some programs for gps-tagging it is possible to define an offset, so it is still possible to use a log file. When my gps - sensor was broken (usb-connection!), I took a photo of my phone with the actual time displayed in digital format and calculated the offset from this picture.
I also tried the much cheaper modified rgb-sensor from mapir with really good results. In my case i just need a map of the relative differences of biomass in the field, not the absolute reflectance values. The camera and GPS are very reliable.