No wifi publisher available

Product: [Bebop/Bebop2]
Product version: [3.13.1]
SDK platform: [Android]

I have developed an app for controlling the Bebop 2 drone.
While testing the app on a Samsung Galaxy S7(Android 8), it works great and discovers the, in this case, simulated drone through Sphinx. Now I’ve decided to try the app on multiple devices and found that it didn’t work on a Nokia 7.1(Android 9).

While debugging, the following is written to console;

D/DroneDiscoverer: closeServices...
W/ARDiscoveryBLEDiscoveryImpl: 17:17:21:880 | ARSAL_Java_Log:36 - ARDiscoveryBLEDiscoveryImpl new !!!!
W/DiscoveryService: 17:17:21:943| ARSAL_Java_Log:36 - No wifi publisher available
I/DroneDiscoverer: Start discovering

After this, it cannot find any drones while connected to the drone on the wifi. Could it be a system setting or something else?

Thanks for any help, need to get this fixed very soon.

Alright, so I believe I found the problem. Figure I post it here if anyone else has the same issue.

It seems like some other system feature is interfering with the WIFI, at least on my Nokia 7.1(Android 9). The solution were to put the phone in Flight mode, and then only enable WIFI from settings. After this, the drone is successfully discovered.

Have a good one!