Node Bridge searching for 'undefined'

pi@raspberrypi ~/node-flower-bridge $ sudo ./bridge display

– Flower Bridge –

:heavy_check_mark: Login!
[Mar 03 2016 09:42:05]: New process every 15 minutes
[ ‘legit macs’,

‘undefined’ ]

[Mar 03 2016 09:51:51]: off
[Mar 03 2016 09:51:51]: synchronize
[Mar 03 2016 09:51:51]: undefined: Searching
[Mar 03 2016 09:52:21]: undefined: Not found
[Mar 03 2016 09:52:23]: undefined: Searching
[Mar 03 2016 09:52:53]: undefined: Not found
[Mar 03 2016 09:52:55]: undefined: Searching
[Mar 03 2016 09:53:25]: undefined: Not found
[Mar 03 2016 09:53:25]: off

Doesn’t seem right :stuck_out_tongue:
How do I fix it?

might be a trouble with your BLE adapter .
Can you check your installation is working out of the script ?

It does find a list of legit mac addresses and tries to sync them first. Also I just swapped over BLE adapters and both of them showed this. hcitool scan find lots of devices and no “undefined”

The ./bridge don’t need to be launch in sudo

It doesn’t like me if I don’t use sudo

pi@raspberrypi ~/node-flower-bridge $ ./bridge display

– Flower Bridge –

noble warning: adapter state unauthorized, please run as root or with sudo
or see README for information on running without root/sudo:
if (err) { throw err; }

Error: EACCES: permission denied, open 'database/process.db’
at Error (native)

You have maybe clone a previous version and pull a new.

Delete the folder and re-clone.
Don’t forget the ./ The step allow node to be in sudo every time. And after that ./bridge ...

It doesn’t bother me putting sudo in front if all the does in allow node to packet capture. It’s only 5 more chars to type :slightly_smiling: