Node.js Rolling Spider v. 1.4.0 - For the Swarm

Hi All,

Just wanted to post an announcement of the version 1.4.0 release of node-rolling-spider that provides Swarm support allowing one to flying multiple Rolling Spiders in unison or independently as needed. This is a concept that isn’t easily accomplished within the existing SDK and one of the first things node-rolling-spider has that the SDK does not.

To install/use, you will need node.js installed, then just run

npm install rolling-spider

Please note this does not actually use the Parrot provided SDK, it is built directly to the Bluetooth LE and is therefore extremely light and flexible, if you haven’t tried it – please do! I built the API to be compatible with the NodeCopter API that was controlling the AR Drone 2 devices. Due to this there is a wide number of ‘out of the box’ hacks that just work (bridging to XBox controllers, etc.)

Cheers and happy flying!

Chris Williams | @voodootikigod


Simply … AMAZING :smile:
now we want to see a video a this swarm !

Video of the swarm in action: Enjoy

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this is insane :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
we will try it tomorrow at the office …

I tried flying my rolling spider outside with freeflight3 for the first time today. I had no idea how fast and precise this thing can be with the iOS app+smartphone.

I used the javascript library @voodootikigod and others have created to fly from the web browser via web sockets. See here on GitHub: spider-web. Javascript made it really easy to create and any additional help we can get from the community to make node-rolling-spider better would be awesome.

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Hello does anyone know how I can program spider using Javascript?

hy, im tring to create a swarm of parrot Mambo, and i wanted to know wy you left the mambo out of the sawm.js. was there a problem with the mambo?

the mambo was not available when the library was developped :slight_smile:

Can you post a sample swarm script we can use? We are trying to manually add our drones and we keep getting a syntax error. Thanks!