Olympe library for which drones?

I’m interested to program with python a drone/minidrone using the Olympe library.
But it is not clear which drone/minidrone are supported ?
For example, is the ‘jumping sumo’ minidrone supported by the Olympe library ?

Thank you for the reply.

I think it was stated in the main Olympe forum thread, but it mainly works just for Parrot Anafi, and MAYBE for Bebop2.


Olympe has been designed for Anafi and has limited backward compatibility with previous Wifi drones (Bebop and Bebop2). Bluetooth minidrones are not supported. Video streaming is only supported for Anafi and Anafi Thermal (I think it is currently broken for Bebops and I don’t think we’ll have time to have a look at this issue).

The ARSDK protocol used to send/receive command/event messages from/to the drone is mostly the same for Anafi and Bebop. Some messages are only supported by Anafi while some others are only supported by specific drones. The Olympe message reference documentation should only include the messages supported by Anafi/SkyController 3. For a complete message reference for other drones you should look at the arsdk-xml git repo that is the only source of truth for Bebop 1/2, Disco, Minidrones (Mambo, jumping sumo, …), SkyController 1/2/3, Anafi (FPV) and Anafi Thermal.

The Olympe user guide is written for the Anafi and includes messages that are only supported by Anafi (i.e. not supported by Bebop 1/2 or other drones).