Parrot Announcement - Release of application notes

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[UPDATE] Links to application notes can be found below :point_down:
New firmware release 1.4.0 soon to come ! If you have tags missing in your images, 1.4.0 should fix it.

Please find attached to this post the announcement of the release of application notes.
Parrot Announcement - release of application notes.pdf (228.0 KB)

Announced in February 2016, Sequoia is the product of a strong collaboration between Parrot and its subdiaries AIRINOV, MicaSense, Pix4D and senseFly. This collaboration gave birth to an end to end solution for precision agriculture; from acquisition and processing of the multispectral data to agronomic analysis.
Specific software developed by our subsidiaries are built for Sequoia and take advantage of the advanced knowledge gathered during all the R&D process.
Some items were identified by our customers as being important in order to be able to make sense of the data they collect. Parrot is willing to help these special customers and publishes a series of application notes about end-user data corrections and processing capabilities.

The topics addressed by these application notes are the following:
• CMOS sensor modelSEQ AN 01 - Pixel to Irradiance.pdf (369.6 KB)
• Vignetting Compensation SEQ AN 02 - How to correct vignetting in images.pdf (362.3 KB)
• Alignment of different single band sensors SEQ AN 03 - How to register images.pdf (211.5 KB)
• Fisheye Correction SEQ AN 04 - How to correct distortion in images.pdf (225.5 KB)


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