Parrot cargo drone programming solutions


Product: parrot cargo drone
Product version: [X.X.X]
SDK version: [X.X.X]
Use of libARController: NO
SDK platform: Python
Reproductible with the official app: Not Tried.

Hi there.
I’m a student looking to code for the Parrot cargo drone using python (or some other text-based system) on desktop. I have done a lot of research and most of what I’ve found only works for the new Mambo drones or the AR drones. any help is greatly appreciated because if this works I will be implementing it in my classroom. I don’t want to use a block based editor for the drone if possible however I will if needed, also It must be a desktop application, not mobile.

what doesn’t work:

  • pyparrot (it uses wifi not bluetooth as far as I can tell)
  • blockly (the one on the parrot website)
  • tickle (mobile only so i’m not using it)
  • the campk12 scratch plugin (only works for AR drones)
  • Tynker (it costs money and is mobile only)

so as you can see I’ve tried almost everything. Any help would be most appreciated and if any1 knows any good tutorials that would be even better.


You’ve tried everything but the ARSDK itself. The current core ARSDK works fine with the cargo drones.


Tynker is free. You can also use Swift Playgrounds.