Parrot disco doing some acrobatics

Hello everyone. I just want to ask if is it possible using only parrot products (parrot disco, skycontroller2 etc) and without using an rc controller , if it is a more simple way to do a roll or a loop ?? I saw that can be down by using rc controller but you lose all the other cool features…I don’t know much about programming, but…is it so difficult just as in bebop series, to have an option in piloting (normal ,ace ,etc) in disco so we have an more acrobatic flight , being able to do roll or loop . A way is by being able to adjust maximum roll/pitch/yaw…


You can’t pilot the Disco in “full mode” (the mode that allows barrel rolls and loops) without a RC controller.
On the Bebop there is no such mode.

However, on the Bebop, there is an animation that allows you to do flips: (available on Bebop 2 since fw version 4.3.0).


Does the modification of the RC_MODE in the parameters.conf file change the behaviour of the Parrot Disco ?



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Hey three years later,
does the Disco behavoiur change with RC mode at all?

Separate question probably doesn’t belong here but, Does anyone know if the 4g mod can be used with an RC controller? I doubt it can, since the mod is done specifically on the sky controller 2. But can an RC remote be used at the same time as the skycontroller2?