Parrot FlyPad as USB joystick for our legged quadruped


We’re considering using the Parrot FlyPad as the official controller for our legged robots:

It works by plugging microUSB into the Android device, which recognizes it as a USB joystick. This allows us to control the robot fine – for one minute. The FlyPad times out and stops sending joystick data after 60 seconds of being plugged in.

I assume this is because it hasn’t detected a drone and goes to sleep after a minute.

How can we make it continue to operate as a USB joystick continually?

If we can’t, then it is not operable for our robot. We’ve considered using the SkyController 2, but prefer the FlyPad. Bluetooth linking is an option, but I"m not sure if this will fix it.


Product: [FlyPad]

It looks like Bluetooth pairing it might work, but I’m not getting any MotionEvents in onGenericMotionEvent() in my Android app, when the FlyPad is paired with the Android device. What needs to be enabled to get it to send MotionEvents, like it does with USB?

I’m implementing a Bluetooth connection as per

Does the Flypad controller act as a bluetooth server or client? Is there example source code or documentation on it anywhere for connecting to the controller from a bluetooth android app?

The app can see the FLYPAD device, but no connection is accepted either as a bluetooth client socket or server socket…


Perfect, thanks guys:

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