Parrot Flypad for neuroscience research

Dear friends,

I’m conducting a neuroscience research and I want to use the joystick of the Flypad, because it allows to use both hands in the same manner. I’m gonna use it to train patients with movement problems.

I’m wondering if the Flypad use the DirectX protocol or another?

I need to be sure that will work with the Presentation software ( in an standard pc.

I really appreciate all your help.

I know this is in old, but I’ve successfully reverse engineered the flypad.

It uses BLE to communicate with a single notify characteristic providing button and axes data.

I was excited to have my implementation completed and on a whim let it connect directly to a minidrone where I discovered it has a rumble capability.

I have yet to track down the characteristic or write value necessary to trigger this function. Has anyone else been successful?

Hi Synman,

do you have something documented for the flypad BLE protocol?
Its the coolest controller for the Bebop (+ Xiaomi Nano youth of course) and I’d like to use it for other things as well!

OK, found your posts about the Flypad usage example! I just wonder why it doesn’t pop up in google search.

thanks a lot for sorting this out for us.

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