Parrot Mambo Fly Memory Issues

Hey guys, I am new to this forum.

I contacted parrot mambo support and the redirected me here.

I have a School project that codes the drone(parrot mambo fly) in matlab/simulink and automates it to follow a red line track. We have managed to make the simulation work but in real life the drone shows that the memory is not enough. I was wondering whether anyone knows how much memory the stock drone has and if id be theoretically able to modify the motherboard or purchase a motherboard that has more memory. (these are all for the final report, Ive already finished the real flying part of it)

I would appreciate if someone spares a bit of time to solve my question since Ive been struggling for a time now to find a solution.

Thanking you in advance,

you can’t do that…

Could you expand a bit more? Why are we not able to do that?

That’s quite a project :slight_smile: We are using internal memory from the SOC, it can not be modified (easily)