Parrot Mambo - optical flow (Simulink)

Product: [Mambo]

I am working with the ‘Support Package for Parrot Minidrones’ in Simulink. By using the original firmware (factory data with FreeFlightMini application) the optical flow algorithm is very good and the drone (Parrot Mambo) is stable independent of the ground. However, after installing the firmware for using the drone in Simulink, the optical flow algorithm doesn’t work independent of the ground and the drone becomes unstable. The optical flow returns three values (velocity in x- / y-direction and status) in Simulink. Do you know how these three values are computed? Is the optical flow algorithm public?


The optical flow reports the velocities in x-y directions and the third one is used as a flag from R2019a onwards. Which version of MATLAB are you running? It would be nice if you could post the question in the MATLAB answers:

Thank you for your answer.
The MATLAB version is R2019a. Of course, I posted the question here.