Parrot Pot BLE specifications

Hi Parrot,

First of all I wanted to say thank you for the great products that you’ve created. I’m looking to integrate the Flower Power and Pot devices into HomeKit using Homebridge.

I’ve managed to do this for the Flower Power with the SDKs and the BLE specification available. I’ve also managed to figure out some of the differences between the Pot and Flower Power to be able to talk to both (the V2 API branch is of great help here.)

However what would really stand out is if you could make the Pot BLE documentation available as you did for the Flower Power. I understand that the products are discontinued and you’ve ceased to support this, but I believe the Open Source community could take over the maintenance and integration into current home automation technologies. Making your devices much more valuable to current customers.

It would be great if you could update/release the documentation available to include all undocumented characteristics/services.


I will look into that :slight_smile:


Same question for me, can you publish the Pot BLE documentation ?
For exemple, the UUID for calibrated soil moisture doesn’t exists :frowning: