Parrot Sequoia RGB purple images

Hi, I’ve been using a Parrot Sequoia camera for a long time on a drone built by a university, but this problem can only be found on my vehicle and not on others already sold. The first year of flights with the Parrot Sequoia camera went very well without any problems.
In this season however, in some images of the RGB sensor I found artifacts of purple color. If they then merge the RGB images, reconstructing the orthophotos map, the artifacts seem to merge into bounded spots.
Can you give me the cause of the problem?

Can anyone help me?

After some tests I saw that these purple images begin to appear if the chamber temperature exceeds 45-50 ° C. Do you think it’s plausible? How many degrees can the camera have during its use?

Hi Mess23,

This is the magenta channel of the camera getting saturated during the photo capture.
I would see if you can get more airflow through the camera or add a heatsink to your mount. That is what I do… most of the time you just get the capture stopping due to over-temperature… but I am not sure if they changed the settings in the new firmware versions.

Good luck