Picture download on mambo


What is the BLE command to download a picture on the mambo? I can tell the mambo to take a photo and I can see it when I connect the remote but I want to download it from my software. It’s the final missing step and my software will be ready (flying under software, using what sensors it sends back, etc). Thank you!!

Transferring jpegs over BLE

I’ve been digging through the SDK and so far as I can tell, the command is to say “LIS” and the path. However, I cannot get that to respond to me. Help? I really only want to get LIS and GET working (e.g to download photos in my python software). It just ignores my LIS commands. Thanks!


Parrot, any help here? I really want to make this work and reading your SDK code makes it look like the packet is just LIS and the path (I used /) and yet nothing is working. It just ignores my packets. Thanks!



First of all, I would like to tell you that you’re trying to implement something that is very messy. You’ll probably hate use for that, so in advance, I’m sorry :wink:

Once this is said, I can try to share the minimal knowledge of BLEFtp that I know about.
The BLEFtp has been implemented to have a similar behavior as normal FTP. Basically, you send commands (as string) to the drone, it answers you accordingly.
To list, you have to send “LIS”. The drone will give you the output (as string) of what an ls would give. So you’ll have to parse that response to get the list of files and their related information.
The characteristics seems to be the following:
send commands: fd24
read response: fd23

The main source of knowledge is the existing BLEFtp files: https://github.com/Parrot-Developers/libARUtils/blob/master/Sources/ARUTILS_BLEFtp.m and https://github.com/Parrot-Developers/libARUtils/blob/master/JNI/java/com/parrot/arsdk/arutils/ARUtilsBLEFtp.java

Can downloading mambo's pictures remotely be quick?

Thank you Djavan. Those are exactly the files I was reading so it is good to know I was on the right track. I am sending on fd24 but I don’t seem to be receiving on 23 (or anywhere). I really want to make this work if I can. I’ll go back to reading the code and trying to figure out what is wrong with my bytes that I’m sending.

On a related note, when you release the new SDK, will it include information on the FPV camera for the mambo? And will it also include the updating internal state information for the mambo? I’d really love to know the altitude and orientation and estimated distance traveled. It would help our educational projects a LOT to have that!



Does ARDataTransfer not work?


No. The interface is complicated for downloading photos, at least over BLE. I don’t know if it is easier over wifi. I haven’t tried.


There was already a BLE xfer mechanism built into the SDK…


Not one that you can access via python easily. Feel free to examine it.


Hi Djavan,

Does this file transfer tool have a limit for downloaded file’s size?
When I send ‘GET’ to fd24 for a large jpeg, I receive only first 13200 bytes of it.
And the MD5 sum provided with the transferred data matches those 13200 bytes as well.

Is this a firmware limitation, and is there any valid workaround for it?