Please help me run the sample!


Hello, I’m trying to prepare for this next semester to do a pretty fun capstone! It involves automated drones. The one I want to focus on is the mambo drone, but before I even get to that I have to get the sample running. I want to highlight that this is going to be a school assignment where its mostly my partner and I on our own and its nothing that the professor really prepares for us at all. There really isn’t much of a lesson to be learned, but rather something to be achieved. That being said… I need some help getting started so I can even do anything(I know some website forums don’t like helping students with homework). I plan to attempt to have 2 drones work together so its going to get complicated.

I’m following the tutorial here:

  1. I’m on a mac and have tried using the sample, but all that pops up is an iphone 8 simulator with an app that has lines on it. I think it has the name of the app on it, maybe “drone sample”, but is this what I am supposed to see or is it supposed to do more? I have noticed that it says to go to product->schemes->edit schemes to set buildWithPrecompiledSDK, but I can only find the debug version. I’m very new to Xcode so the problem might be with my settings on there.

  2. looking at the coding section of this tutorial I’m not sure what files to stick the code into. I’m feeling really lost!

  3. I want to use the mambo here but I can’t find the mambo file in the sample. What should I do?


Connect first to the Mambo’s wifi network (if you have the camera accessory plugged) or enable the Bluetooth on your device. You should see your Mambo in the list in the Sample.