Porting ARDrone 2.0 software onto Bebop

I have access to someone else’s source code written for ARDrone 2.0 that I am looking to further develop and test. I would prefer to use BeBop, but first I would like to know how much effort will be involved in using this code intended for a different version drone. Anyone with experience feel free to respond with a simple no changes needed, its do-able with a little work or complicated/impossible… Or if you have more details or can point me to any documentation addressing this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey, were you able to do it? With the current version is hell easy to change it, unless you’re switching from ARDrone to Bebop2/Anafi; but these are just minor changes.
Basically, you just have to change the drone setup for the simulation you’re going to run, as well as the configuration for the driver used to control the drone (e.g. bebop_autonomy).