Position control of Mambo FPV



Is it possible to control the Mambo FPV drone using coordinate positions like the Bebop?

Thanks in Advance!


You mean like “fly to x, y, z?” There is no GPS in the mambo but you can compute x,y,z based on your sensor data. It’s quite noisy due to the 2Hz refresh rate on the sensors but it will get you close anyway.


Yes, I meant controlling the drone by asking it to move to an <x, y, z> coordinate position.

The only data that I receive from Mambo are Speed, Height, and Quaternion.
The height gives me the Z-coordinate but I can’t figure out how to get the X&Y coordinate position from these data.

Bebop sends the drone position <x,y,z> along with the above three data. That makes things easier!


You compute x and y with: Distance = rate * time



I agree that this would be a great feature. However, this is not possible for the moment.

How to set command for fly forward , backward , left , right for mambo drone?

The newest SDK seems to be sending the posx, posy, posy but it seems that they are a bit time lagged (I’m seeing several seconds). Do you know what the lag is? Thanks!