Power offf and on by software



I mounted the sequoia in a fiel to adquire image in a daily bases. The camera is controled by a raspberry pi using the ptp protocoll. The system alimentation is based on solar energy but the camera in stand by spend around 0.8 A. I want to turn off the sequoia and turn on just when I need to take the photo and then turn off again. Is there any possiblity to turn off the sequoia by ptp protocoll?

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Dear @Caleb

Unfortunately, if the camera is off, then it is off.
What you need is an idle state, but this is the state that still uses 0.8A. Have you tried to disable GPS and WIFI to decrease power consumption ?
Otherwise the solution to your problem is a relay.


@clement.fallet Out of curiosity isn’t the hard power off approach recommended against in the official documentation?

In the Sequoia Quick Start Guide it states ‘If you disconnect Sequoia while the indicator is still on the latest photos may be corrupted.’

I’ve personally experienced this by unplugging the Sequoia without holding the power button down first (simulating a sudden power down such as a relay, flat battery etc). All the images on my SD card were indeed corrupted and the card acted like a freshly formatted one.


Hi @jcfarsight
Indeed the hard power off approach is not something that should be used.
However, and excuse me if it was unclear, this is not what is recommended here either. The hard power off is really removing the power plug during acquisition.
In this particular case, if I understand correctly, the acquisition is either a single shot (then the acquisition stops automatically) or a timelapse but once again this can easily be stopped by ptp commands.

But thank you for pointing out that you should never remove the power plug during acquisition. We see a lot of problems when users are doing so. The file system will be corrupted and a recovery will be necessary which will take time (and most of the time users don’t know what is happening and are wondering why the acquisition is not starting).

To summarize:

  • ALWAYS STOP YOUR ACQUISITIONS either with the web interface, the press button or PTP commands.
  • READ THE MANUAL to understand the colors of the LED which indicates the current status.


Thanks for confirming the behaviour.
It’s good to know for sure what the limits are and how it should be operated.